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Welcome to katawagroup.com, Official page of Nigerian’s most innovative property developer. Katawa Properties Limited has delivered some of West African’s most progressive commercial developments, including the iconic Farmland use Development, Lagos – Ogun, respectively. Owning residential, commercial, industrial & retail estate properties across Nigeria, Katawa Properties Ltd also develops properties for Industries, Farmers, Hotels and other joint ventures. Katawa Properties Ltd is supported by its experienced development and leasing teams, which manage the large portfolio of properties.

The phenomenal rise in population, number and size of our cities over the past few years have manifested in the acute shortage of dwelling units which resulted in overcrowding , high crime rate, thus the need for a convenient home ownership scheme.

Thus Katawa Properties Ltd (Pty. Ltd), a reputable real estate company, In line with Government initiative towards property development through The Mega City plan. We are offering numerous clients, associates and members of the public this fantastic investment opportunity as well as a place to build your dream house at a reduced price. Through decades, ages, centuries and generations, it has been vividly discovered that the failure of men is not a function of the “harshness” of the environment neither is it the function of negative fate, but a function of the ignorance of the people to the alternatives available to them and how those can be explored for the realization of their dreams. At Katawa Properties Limited (Pty. Ltd), we bring everyone’s dream to their door step.

Legal Form

Katawa Properties Limited (Pty. Ltd) is an indigenous company duly incorporated in Nigeria under Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (Company and Allied Matters Act 1990) with registration number RC: 953252, to carry on legitimate business in Nigeria.

The company was founded for the development of our environment in order to create an enabling environment and meet accommodation needs of people by providing qualitative but yet affordable pieces of land and houses for them.

Katawa Properties Limited(Pty. Ltd) is a well known name in Nigeria and has been working in the country for the last ten years. Our Company is known for its good quality construction work and timely delivery with teams of professionals who look after the entire construction work starting from its planning to completion stage. We have a wide experience and have constructed variety of buildings.

Our Aspiration / Mandate

  • To be one of the top-ten cutting edge real estate sector in Africa with a dominant presence in affordable housing and lands.
  • To be the most trusted brand in the business we operate in and build lifetime relationships with our clients and communities through transparency and on-time delivery.
  • To provide our clients with the highest possible services and also with benchmark on quality, value and cost effectiveness.
  • We aspire to build a carefully structured team of workforce who are honest and dependable at all level of our operations.

Commitment to Customer and Community Service

The company through its vision, to be a first class global pace setter in the real estate industry and provision of standard and affordable houses and lands is also ready to provide the same services to Government, Corporate and Individual Organizations and also to research and develop new modern methods in the provision of standard houses.

The company has organized and participated in varieties of seminars on how a qualitative and standard but yet affordable houses and lands can be secured/provided for the populace in order to meet the challenges of a mega city in every part of our country and to meet the challenges of the millennium development goals as well as vision 2020 for our country Nigeria.

We, the management and staff, aim to develop long lasting relationship with our clients and communities at large. These are based on mutual respect, common goals and joint commitment for continuous improvement in all aspects of our service and value to the entire communities.

Our Quality Objectives

The quality objectives of our operation include the following:

  • To ensure we understand each customer’s specific needs and requirements by giving personal attention.
  • To implement our accumulated knowledge and information in such a way that the clients requirements are met with satisfaction.
  • To provide a workmanship standard equal to that of international standards.
  • To constantly review and upgrade our methods, technology and personal skills through continuous research and training.

We optimize the use of resources, taking into account, the cost, transparency and efficiency factors.

Our Services

  • Property Development
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Consulting
  • Construction Engineering / Management
  • Property Valuation
  • Project Management
  • Agency – Purchase/Sale of Properties
  • Workshop/Training
  • Farming practices

The Workforce

Katawa Properties Limited employs professional staff of:

  • Project Managers
  • Engineers
  • HR/Administrative Manager
  • Client relationship Manager
  • Receptionist
  • Business Manager/Marketers
  • Accountants
  • Planners
  • Technicians
  • Estate Surveyors
  • Legal Officer
  • Real Estate Consultants
  • Estate Valuers,
  • Architects
  • Farmers
  • Logistics

Most of Katawa professional staff have degrees and advanced degrees. Many are registered professionals with affiliation to professional societies relevant to their disciplines.

Our Interest

We are poised to be reference point in our field of operation; we want to make a mark so that others can follow. In view of solving part of housing deficit in Nigeria, we are determined to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of qualitative and affordable houses.


Unique Business Ethic.

For over decade Katawa Properties Ltd™ has delivered successful outcomes to a long list of vendors, buyers, landlords and tenants across Nigeria. Katawa Properties Ltd™ has negotiated the sale and management of more than million dollars worth of property.

An independent owned agency, Katawa Properties Ltd™ attributes its ongoing success to a unique business ethic. Founders Taiwo Kadri and his team have a philosophy of mutual trust and hope with honour and integrity, complemented by a highly experienced team.

Strategically Positioned.

In order to better serve the region from “The River to the Hills”, Katawa Properties Ltd™ operates from two strategically located offices. Katawa Properties Ltd™ and its teams are located at Lagos and Abeokuta, and work together as one professional service unit.

Katawa Properties Ltd™ has sold properties and managed property of all kinds in different area in Nigeria, and with current estate project in Lekki Phase II, Abeokuta: Oke Mosan, Laderin, Atan, Igbesa and more.

Our reputation is leading to opportunities to serve people across a broader area of Nigeria.

Katawa Properties Ltd™ is a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management of Nigeria.

Best-Ever Real Estate Experience.

“Our attitude towards your needs is one of ‘servant leadership’. We will provide you with a unique experience that results in your complete satisfaction.”

Servant Leadership.

Servant leadership is about leading those we serve – such as yourself – to a successful outcome. An essential part of this ethic is to ‘treat you as we would like to be treated.’ Our service is earnest, sincere and helpful. We are dedicated to assisting you.

Spirit of Excellence.

Katawa Properties Ltd prides itself on an exceptionally high standard of professionalism, market place knowledge and skills in marketing, selling, negotiating or managing every property in our care. Our team knows what is required for a successful result: focused enthusiasm, hard work and determination.

Clear Communication.

We share our knowledge and provide accurate, relevant, truthful and reliable information. We undertake to follow through on all promises made. From the outset we recognize your every need. We enable you to make best-informed decisions.

Your Best Interests At Heart.

We act under your authority and instruction at all times. Through our understanding of Buyer and Tenant needs we are able to match the best Buyer or Tenant with your property.

Genuine Appreciation.

We ‘plant’ thankfulness into every transaction. Our team is thankful for every opportunity to serve.

Sowing and Reaping.

This is an age-old principle which teaches that in order to reap a good reward, you first have to sow a good seed.

Our purpose at Katawa Properties Ltd(Pty.Ltd) is to do just that. The seeds we plant are our principles which transform the way we conduct our business. When service is based on principles, your needs are transformed into a successful result.

The “The White Paper and The Red Roof”.

Another indication of our focus can be seen in the logic of the brand. Each element of our logo has special meaning.

  • The “Red roof” symbolizes a shelter and “a drive” we imbibed to ensure you has a secured property. Also symbolizes the “excitement” that will come to you out of our service to you – whether you are a Seller, Buyer, Property Owner or Tenant.

  • The “White Paper” stands out to symbolize the truth and integrity in our service rendering and the understanding of your needs or situation.

  • The “Black Block” symbol indicates the absence of all color. It’s a powerful and conjures authority, boldness, elegance and tradition of our business at Katawa. Your interests will be protected by our commitment to ethical and professional conduct.



Provision of QUALITATIVE but yet AFFORDABLE pieces of land and units of houses for PEOPLE.


To be a FIRST CLASS global PACESETTER in the real Estate Company.




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